Hoka, Helen

Dr. Helen Hoka Osiolo teaches Economics at Strathmore University Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Nairobi, Kenya. She has a PhD in Economics with specialization on Environmental Economics and Public Finance. Her working experience is on climate change policy and research analysis with a focus on energy and transport. She is currently an associate editor with the Energy for Sustainable Development and a peer-reviewer with several  Elsevier journals on development, environment, and health. She is a member of the International Association of Energy Economics and African Forum on Climate Change Energy and Development (AFCEED). She has widely published in peer reviewed journals and co-authored several book chapters. 

Helen has a lot of experience in energy planning and modelling, energy consumption and demand analysis, environmental valuation, and technology adoption. Among her recent collaborative projects are the Inclusive Green Economy Project and the Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative project partnering with EFD-Kenya and University of Gothenburg and Sciences Future project partnering with German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) and Strathmore University.

Research interests

• Clean Energy and Gender

• Climate Change and Sustainable Development

• Inclusive Green Growth

Selected Grants by donor

• 2022: Future of Rural Africa – Focus on intensification and conservation discusses in the fields of agriculture, energy or tourism funded by German Research Council (DFG).

• 2022 – 2022: Evaluating the perceived benefits and determinants of pay as you go LPG use for cooking in Nairobi, Kenya, SETI Funding.

• 2019 -2020: Domestic financing for Decentralized Renewable Energy RE in Kenya Project with funding from HIVOS

• 2019: Project study on the benefits and cost of scaling up high speed train network in Africa

• 2018 -2019: Renewable Electricity Generation Implications of Cost, Returns and Investments to African Economies, with funding from AERC.

• 2018: Public Expenditure for Transport and Infrastructure sectors, for World Bank

• 2015 – 2017: Green Growth Diagnostic for Africa- Examining key areas of policy interventions to remove obstacles to investment in renewable technologies in Kenya and Ghana, a GCRF grant - ESPR.

• 2016 – 2018: Governing Inclusive Green Growth in Africa - Focused on the foundation for a robust assessment and understanding of the dynamics of green growth governance in Africa and the implications for sustainable economic transformation in the continent. Key countries; Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. An a GCRF grant – EPSRC

Curriculum vitae

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