Academic title
PhD, agricultural and environmental economist

Carpentier, Chantal Line

Chantal Line Carpentier is the Chair of the UN InterAgency Task Force on the Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE) since 2023. Prior to UNCTAD, Dr. Carpentier supported the Commission on Sustainable Development and served as Major Groups (of non-State actors) Coordinator in the SDGs negotiations and the UN Rio+20 Conference at DESA, Head of the North American Free Trade Agreement Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s, Environment, Economy and Trade Division, Agro-environmental policy analyst for Winrock International and post-Doctoral fellow/Brazil office manager for the International Food Policy Research Institute.

She obtained a PhD. in Agro-Environmental Economics from Virginia Technology and MSc. and BSc. from McGill University.

Research interest

New Economics for Sustainable Development, partnerships to leverage SMEs and entrepreneurship in achieving resilient, inclusive, digitally connected, and sustainable development, and economic empowerment of women.


Young women professionals interested in economics, sustainable development, trade,

Grants and consultancy

Grants: EU DG Environment €1.5 million, 2013 – 2015; EU DG Environment €1 million, 2010 – 2012; EU DG Environment €750,000, 2013 – 2015; EUROPEAID €140,000, 2008 – 2009; NRI USDA, $155,000,  2001 – 2003;  North Carolina Environmental Defense Fund, $15,000, 2000.

Consultancies: UNDP, 2002; OECD, 2000–2001; North Carolina EnvironmentalDefense Fund, 1999; World Bank, 1998–1999; IFPRI, 1998–1999; Agriculture Canada, 1995

Policy Engagement

Climate change and trade, Trade in terrestrial and marine biodiversity (BioTrade, Blue BioTrade, ocean economy and fisheries), National Green exports reviews (in ACFTA), and trade-related aspects of plastic pollution.  


She was chosen for the Ideagen 2016 and 2020 “100 Individuals and Organization empowering women and girl”, 2020 GlobalMinded Inclusive Leader Award, is a 2006 Yale World Fellow and a United Nations Environment Programme Who’s Who's of Women and the Environment.

People | 15 May 2020