Albers, Heidi J.

Heidi J. Albers (Jo) is the Wyoming Excellence Chair in Conservation Economics in the Department of Economics at the University of Wyoming. She collaborates with EfD in Tanzania, Central America, and Chile in the areas of forest, marine, and wildlife conservation and management.

Jo’s research focuses on management at the intersection of resource conservation and rural poverty. Methodologically, Jo’s research typically develops empirically-inspired spatial and temporal decision models that include characteristics of both the socioeconomic and ecological setting. Her current research in Tanzania includes examining settings to define policies that integrate poverty-alleviation and conservation goals to form better conservation strategies that promote rural livelihoods such as in Ngorongoro Conservation Area; improving REDD implementation through appropriate incentives; and spatial allocations of projects and management to improve marine protected area outcomes.  Her current research in Central America includes spatial aspects and livelihood impact of marine protected area management and development of bioeconomic frameworks to evaluate sea turtle conservation policy. Her current research in Chile examines resource property rights, enforcement, and improved resource management and livelihoods through small-scale aquaculture. In addition, Jo is an active participant in EfD’s WinEED.

People | 9 October 2009