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The Sanford School of Public Policy is among the nation’s leading public policy schools and offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral-level degrees in public policy and international development policy.

Launched in 1971 as the Institute of Policy Sciences and Public Affairs by Terry Sanford—President of Duke, former Governor of North Carolina, and later a U.S. Senator —it is one of the oldest and largest public policy programs in the nation. It became Duke’s newest school in 2009. Judith Kelley, an expert on international relations, including issues such as human trafficking and election monitoring, became the school’s dean on July 1, 2018; she is the first woman to hold that role.  

The Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University is a community of excellence committed to producing knowledge and leadership to truly transform policy challenges.

The James E. Rogers Energy Access Project which is a partner to the EfD collaborative program Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative, SETI, is also located at Duke University. 

Website: http://energyaccess.duke.edu

Email: energyaccess@duke.edu

Duke researchers who are active in the EfD network: 

Ipsita Das
Marc Jeuland
Thomas Klug
P.P. Krishnapriya
Subhrendu Pattanayak
Victoria Plutshack

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201 Science Drive
NC 27708