ifo DICE Report 1 / 2020 (Spring): Carbon Pricing


Since 2003, ifo DICE Report has offered a forum for the discussion
of institutional questions written by internationally renowned experts. The editorial team’s aim was to present findings on current topics in an accessible way. In 2019, we asked readers of all ifo publications how we can make our offer even more useful for their work. Many respondents said their focus was on relevance and topicality, no matter if the topic is presented from a macroeconomic or an institutional economics view. And they would like to have the
information presented in a more compact way. Therefore, we decided to put the best elements from two of the English- language publications in our portfolio together: we will merge the ifo DICE Report with the CESifo Forum, the latter providing articles about current economic policymaking from a macroeconomic view.
Starting in July 2020, there will be a “reshuffled” publication under the brand CESifo Forum. It will reflect the scope of activities undertaken by CES and ifo, from scholarly academic research to up-to-date business data and institutional economics. It will be issued bi-monthly and feature articles about the current international economic policy debate.
It will start with a “Focus” section, where one current topic is discussed from various angles. It will then feature a “Research Report” and a “Reform Model.” Furthermore, it will include a “Statistics Update” of macroeconomic indicators and it will feature a section on “Institutional Comparisons” based on the DICE Database.

Sustainable Development Goals
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ifo DICE Report 1 / 2020 (Spring): Carbon Pricing
Publication | 2 July 2020