EfD-Mak centre impact activities 2021

Edward Bbaale, Director, EfD-Mak Center
Edward Bbaale, Director, EfD-Mak Center

The year 2020/2021 was rocked by mainly two major challenges that disrupted the center activities. The declaration of the Corona Virus Diseases (COVID 19) a global pandemic and the measures to curb its spread disorganized the activities in all academic institutions especially activities that required face to face interactions. Nonetheless we were able to conduct online activities as dictated by the new norm.

In addition, there was delay in the execution of the centre activities for half a year as the EfD Global Hub in Sweden, embarked on the process to develop the new 2021-2024 umbrella agreement after the four year project cycle.

The good news is that, the Global hub successfully completed the process with Sida and signed a new agreement between Sida and University of Gothenburg for the coming four years. The four-year grant agreement forms a solid basis for the development of EfD in the years to come.

Consequently the EfD Mak Center received funding and embarked on a number of activities starting July 2021 following the partial lifting of the second lockdown.


We were able to conduct two policy tours in  West Nile and South Western Ugandan  districts of Arua and Kabale on our new theme,. Forestry and Biodiversity: Addressing the challenges of Forest Degradation and enhancing Environment Management in Uganda”. Under capacity building efforts, the centre held six trainings including seminars for researchers and trainings for civil servants.

In the quest to boost the university resource envelop, two of our research fellows competed and won two Sida grants. Other important milestone recorded in the year under review included the Maiden visit of the Director of EfD Global Hub Assoc. Prof. Gunnar Köhlin and the launch of the Inclusive Green Growth Economy program at Makerere. The attched report  is a representation of the major impact activities undertaken by the center between July and December 2021.

On behalf of the EfD-Mak Center, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Sida and the Global hub for the support and consideration to fund Makerere University for the next four years. Our special gratitude goes to Makerere University top Management and college leadership for the support accorded to the EfD Mak Centre since its inception. To the centre staff both research fellows and administrative staff, I thank you for your dedication to push the center this far.

Edward Bbaale

Director, EfD-Mak Centre

News | 4 March 2022