EfD Capacity Development Committee

EfD’s Capacity Development activities focus on building skills and retaining people in the Global South who can conduct high-quality research, teach with cutting-edge tools, and provide evidence-based policy advice for poverty reduction and management of the environment.

EfD is founded on the belief that people in the Global South themselves can best transform their countries through improved management of their resources. Human capital (skills, knowledge, and expertise) is therefore fundamental to a sustainable future.  Capacity development in the areas of poverty, the environment, natural resources, and climate change impacts, is thus one of the most important contributions EfD can make.

The Capacity Development Committee oversees EfD’s activities toward these goals. Specific activities include:

  • Direct support of domestic academic graduate programs in centers’ countries
  • EfD-established executive education programs for policy makers, government officials, and other professionals
  • Masters- and PhD- student “bootcamps” on topical tools in the field of environmental economics
  • Masters- and PhD- student exchanges between centers
  • Visiting professorships within the EfD network
  • Annual PhD student workshops
  • International PhD “webinars” (online academic seminars)
  • Development of a Collaborative Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The Capacity Development Committee is chaired by Professor Edwin Muchapondwa, and members are nominated by the EfD centers. You can see the members here.



Updated: 25 August 2021