Smart Industrialization Strategy: The Process

Book Chapter
8 December 2020

Lucian A. Msambichaka, John Kedi Mduma, Onesmo Selejio

Smart Industrialization in Tanzania: The Process

This Chapter is based on the main theme of the Book which is Fast Tracking Industrialization in Tanzania: The ‘Must – Do’ Actions. Thus it aims at promoting the engagement of every sector of the society through dialogue country’s development destiny; providing a direct link between the Government and the citizens in working together towards realizing the country’s desire of attaining a middle income country status through industrialization; and facilitating the effective collection/capturing of stakeholder contributions/ views on ‘How Fast Tracking Industrialization in Tanzania’ can be meaningfully implemented by the public sector, the politicians, the private sector, the business community, the employees, the media, the NGOs, the youth and how the status and progress can be monitored and constantly updated. The chapter discusses briefly the concerns for fast tracking industrialization followed by a presentation of the key enhancing factors to fast-tracking industrialization in Tanzania. The key preparatory strategic actions for implementation operational enhancing factors -The ‘Must-Do’ Actions are provided. The process of conducting smart participatory industrialization dialogue is highlighted. It finally concludes and provides policy recommendations on smart industrialization.

Publication reference
Lucian A. Msambichaka, John Kedi Mduma & Onesmo Selejio (2020). "Smart Industrialization Strategy: The Process". Fast-tracking Industrialization in Tanzania: The ‘Must-do’ Actions, Dar es Salaam University Press (DUP),
Publication | 22 March 2021