Governance and Natural Resource Utilization in Uganda: Challenges, Gaps and Opportunities

Policy Brief
2 April 2020

Mr. Peter Babyenda


Executive Summary

Uganda is endowed with a number of natural resources ranging from minerals, oil reserves, water bodies, woodlands, forests, wildlife, grasslands and agricultural land. However, governance of these natural resources is said to be unsustainable. Against this backdrop, Environment for Development (EfD) Makerere University Centre, Uganda held a policy dialogue on the governance and utilization of natural resources in Uganda. The dialogue attracted different stakeholders from government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), local government, academia, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), private sector and development partners. In the dialogue, it was agreed that there is need for proper coordination, cooperation, integration and participation of all stakeholders in the governance, management and utilization of natural resources in Uganda and that at all times, there must be a balance among economic, social and environmental goals to ensure sustainability in natural resource utilization.

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Sustainable Development Goals
Publication | 2 July 2020