IGE: Ethiopia

Workshop on fossil fuel, plastic pollution, and forest loss in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian team in the Inclusive Green Economy (IGE) program conducted a workshop on the draft National Policy Review (NPR) covering three themes; fossil fuel, plastic pollution, and forest loss. The workshop took place on Thursday 2 June 2022.

The NPR had been compiled by the Senior Research Fellows(SRF)and the Policy Engagement Specialist(PES).

The objective of the workshop was to review and discuss the draft document among the key stakeholders from federal ministries.  These include senior research fellows, policy engagement specialists, and the 2022 IGE fellows from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water and Energy, Ministry of Transport and Logistics, Ministry of Industry, and Environmental Protection Authority.

The meeting provided interesting insights into the policy documents by the participants of the workshop. The IGE fellows provided constructive comments to improve the information provided in the draft NPR and also agreed on the next steps, which are important to effectively implement the capacity development program.

Facts, IGE in practice

Environment for Development (EfD) and the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV) at the University of Gothenburg, collaborate in an extensive program for capacity development in five countries. This program aims at strengthening government ministries and agencies in East Africa to transform toward an inclusive green economy (IGE).

News | 8 June 2022