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New project seeks solutions to mitigate climate change related conflicts through insurance.

The Environment and Climate Research Center, ECRC, has garnered collaborative research funding for a project titled “From Climate change to Conflict: Mitigation through insurance”.

The study will investigate, design, and test interventions that can be jointly implemented with insurance to strengthen any conflict-reducing effects or mitigate any conflict-aggravating effects of insurance.

The project will study a well-established insurance product that is offered to pastoralists in Ethiopia and Kenya and is being considered for scale-up across the Sahel and Horn. The study envisages contributing to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: A reduced impact of climate change (SDG13) on conflict (SDG16), adaptation to climate change (SDG 13), financial inclusion (SDG9), increased productivity (SDG8), and a reduction in inequality (SDG5; SDG10) for those insured, their communities and societies.

This project, supported in part by the MRR Innovation Lab, pairs qualitative research with a randomized controlled trial to develop and test whether insurance and complementary interventions can reduce conflict within households, and within and between pastoralist communities in the drylands of Ethiopia and Kenya.

The consortium of the research includes academic partners: The University of Utrecht, the University of Amsterdam, the Wageningen University, the Environment, and Climate Research Center, the Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc. (GSURF), and the International Livestock Research Institute

Funder: Dutch Research Council (NWO)

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News | 8 June 2022