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In loving memory of Wilfred Nyangena

Wilfred Nyangena, Senior Lecturer, School of Economics, University of Nairobi passed away on July  17th, 2017 after a long and brave struggle against cancer. Wilfred did his PhD in Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg and on his return to Kenya he became the founder and first director of EfD-Kenya. In his career, he has contributed to the field of environmental and resource economics in Kenya both as a researcher and a lecturer. He has supervised and mentored many students at Masters and PhD level and published many articles.

Those who had the pleasure of knowing Wilfred, knew him not just as a researcher and a teacher but a warm, jolly and a dedicated friend. We shared many fond memories through our interactions with him. We will dearly miss him and our thoughts are now with his family.

Fare thee well Wilfred!

News | 18 July 2017