Workshop participants in a group photo.
Workshop participants in a group photo.

EfD Ghana enhances research impact on energy issues through stakeholder engagement

ENRRI-EfD Ghana is strongly committed to engaging society to achieve stronger collaborations and impact. In line with this, the center invited energy sector stakeholders and media for a workshop to discuss and obtain inputs on ongoing research on energy efficiency.

“If you are doing research and you are not talking to policymakers, then your research is irrelevant,” said, ENRRI-EfD Ghana Director, Prof. Wisdom Akpalu concluding his remarks by urging open, frank, and constructive discussions.

Dr. Kofi Adom, ENRRI-EfD senior research fellow and a co-researcher on the project “Sustaining the Gains in Energy Efficiency Efforts” gave a presentation followed by discussions.

Goals are not being met

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7.3 requires countries around the world to double their efforts in energy efficiency improvements to achieve progress in global climate reduction.

However, progress in energy efficiency has not been successful. Countries continue to move up and down in the progress of energy efficiency making it unlikely to attain the 2030 targets set by the United Nations. The researchers note that quantitative studies in energy efficiency transition and its’ sustainability are limited, and the existing studies have been country-specific. In this work, they provide global information (78 countries) on energy efficiency transitions and the sustainability of energy-efficient states.

Exchange of experiences

The workshop, held on  November 25th at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Accra, brought together players in the energy sector – including ENRRI-EfD Ghana researchers, civil society organizations, students, policymakers, and the media – to exchange information, experiences, and ideas for boosting the relevance and eventual uptake of research outputs and recommendations.

The participants appreciated ENRRI-EfD’s initiative for the learning and networking opportunity provided through the workshop, and for its commitment to continued stakeholder engagements.

Media representatives published key takeaways for the benefit of the reading public.

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