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Gu, Grace Zhe

Grace Zhe Gu is the Project Administrator for Environment for Development (EfD) at the EfD Secretariat, School of Business, Economics & Law, University of Gothenburg.

Her main tasks at EfD include contract management and facilitation, monitoring of contracts including financial reporting, coordination of direct procurements, organisation of international meetings and travel logistics, receiving international guests.

Grace has worked in international relations for a higher education institution since 2010, has been mainly responsible for marketing exchange programmes and administration of outgoing and incoming students, teachers and staff, managing cooperation partnerships within the exchange programmes, back then she has also been responsible for applying for external funding from the Linnaeus-Palme fund financed by SIDA. She holds a BA and an MBA in Marketing from Coventry University and a MSc in e-Business Management from University of Warwick.

People | 8 May 2020