Academic title
SJ Hall Professor

Berck, Peter

Peter Berck is S.J. Hall Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He has served as editor of Natural Resource Modeling and the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. His research interests are in the economics of the environment, natural resources, and agriculture. His work has included studies of forests and fisheries with forward looking agents, the financial costs of state owned enterprises, the costs and benefits of green house gas regulations, crop response to nutrients, risk management on ersified farms, tests of theories of sales, and other topics. Currently his research is focused on bio-fuels and their effects on food prices and on sustainable resource management in Africa.

Expertise/Research Area

Forestry-commercial forestry, forest planning
Environmental economics and policy-US and comparative policy, macro impacts
Agriculture-risk and production, estimation of supply response
Privatization—financial implications
Energy—impacts of biofuels

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People | 16 December 2007