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2010-09-11 | author

Anna Nordén

Anna Nordén is a research fellow at the Environmental Economics Unit, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg, and at the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University. Her specialization is in environmental policy and behavioral economics with focus on different aspects of environmental policy instruments and their relation to human behavior and decision making. She has done some work on stated preference methods and natural field experiments applied to policy design for national parks in Costa Rica. During her Master she spent one semester at the Environment and Development Center in Ethiopia. Her PhD thesis concerned design of payment for ecosystem services and their implications on economic behavior, a work she did at the Environment and Development Center in Costa Rica. Currently she is working on preferences for biodiversity, ecosystem services and evaluation of forest certification schemes in Sweden.

Link to her CV with complete list of publications.

Expertise/Research area:

  • Environmental valuation methods (Choice experiments)
  • Evaluation of environmental policies such as Payment for Ecosystem Services mechanisms and forest certification schemes
  • Applications of experimental and behavioral economics

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