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Recent publications


Integrating Market Access and Tenure Security: The role of Institutional Isolation in Crop Productivity in Kenya

This paper analyses the role of institutional isolation on crop productivity in Kenya using household survey data. The study is based on the theory of agricultural household models and the sustainable land management framework. Ordinary least squares and instrumental variable models for crop productivity are estimated. The results support the hypothesis that institutional isolation adversely affects agricultural productivity.


Estimación conjunta de la disposición a pagar y de la tasa de descuento inter-temporal para la protección de la biodiversidad en la reserva marina de Choros-Damas

In this paper we used a net present value model to jointly estimate the willingness to pay (WTP), and the intertemporal discount rate, for a biodiversity environmental conservation program whose payments are allocated along a time horizon. We applied a contingent valuation survey to capture the economic value associated with the protection of a marine ecosystem in the marine reserve, Choros-Damas in Chile. Respondents faced a scenario with a WTP question with periods of 1, 5, and 10 years.