Will China’s population aging be a threat to its future consumption?

Peer Reviewed
23 October 2019

Min Wang, Xiumei Yu

Based on the household level survey data, the paper makes a projection on China’s household consumption in 2049 with reasonable assumptions of disposable income, demographic structure, urbanization rate and total population in 2049. The results show that at annual income growth rates of 3%, 4% and 5%, China’s total household consumption in 2049 will be 71.0, 97.8 and 133.8 trillion CNY, respectively, 3.1~5.8 times of the total household consumption in 2015. Moreover, our projection shows that even excluding the income growth effect, the future consumption increased by rapid urbanization is much larger than the consumption depressed by the demographic change. The result highlights that as long as the Chinese government can successfully eliminate institutional constraints imposed on rural-urban migration, such as Hukou system or residency permits in the urban areas, population aging would not be a major threat to its future development.

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Publication reference
Min Wang & Xiumei Yu (2020) Will China’s population aging be a threat to its future consumption?, China Economic Journal, 13:1, 42-61, DOI: 10.1080/17538963.2019.1681198
Publication | 2 April 2021