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Taryn M.Garlock, Frank Asche, Wisdom Akpalu, Ebele Chinelo Amaechina, Nnaemeka Andegbe Chukwuone, Ken Hutchings, Razack Lokina, Byela Tibesigwa, Jane Turpie, Håkan Eggert. 2020. “The Fisheries Performance Indicators is a data collection tool that allows comparable fisheries data…”

29 July 2020 | EfD Discussion Paper | South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Sweden, Uganda, Tanzania

F. Alpizar, F. Carlsson, G. Lanza, B. Carney, R.C. Daniels, M. Jaime, T. Ho, Z. Nie, C. Salazar, B. Tibesigwa, S. Wahdera. 2020. “The polluting of marine ecosystems with plastics is both a global and a local problem with…”

2 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa, India, Chile, Vietnam, Sweden, Tanzania, Central America

Bethanie Carney Almroth, Håkan Eggert. 2020. “Abstract Plastics have been instrumental in providing access to clean drinking water, medical…”

4 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Wisdom Akpalu. 2020. “Bait tuna boats in developing coastal countries compete for small pelagic stocks such as anchovy…”

5 June 2020 | EfD Discussion Paper | Ghana

E. Puzzolo, H. Zerriffi, E. Carter, H. Clemens, H. Stokes, P. Jagger, J. Rosenthal, H. Petach. 2019. “Promoting access to clean household cooking energy is an important subject for policy making in low‐…”

29 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Mónica Marcela Jaime Torres, César Salazar. 2019. “This paper aims at evaluating the direct and indirect effects of an educational program on students…”

27 April 2020 | Other Publications | Chile

M Serrano-Medrano, C García-Bustamante, V M Berrueta, R Martínez-Bravo, V M Ruiz-García, A Ghilardi, O Masera. 2018. “This study examines the expected mitigation of greenhouse gases (GHG) and black carbon emissions…”

28 June 2020 | Peer Reviewed |

Dikgang, Johane, Leiman, Anthony, Visser, Martine. 2012. “In an attempt to control the environmental problems posed by plastic shopping bags, the South Africa…”

19 July 2012 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa