Determinants of Catfish Farmers’ Use of Sustainable Environmental Management Practices in Enugu State, Nigeria

Peer Reviewed
14 November 2021

Fish farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria, are finding it difficult to observe sustainable environmental management practices (SEMP). They lack technical knowledge for the application of SEMP and they grapple with the challenge of feeds. But government incentive and the implementation of good sensitization plan could turn things around.

Chukwuone Nnaemeka Andegebe, Onyia Chukwuemeka Chiebonam, Aniokoh Chukwuebuka David

The study assessed the use of sustainable environmental management practices (SEMP) by fish farmers in Enugu state, Nigeria. Seventy-five catfish farmers selected through multistage sampling procedure were used for the study. Data were obtained with the aid of a well-structured questionnaire. Analysis of data was done using descriptive statistics, probit regression model and factor analysis. Results showed that most of the catfish farmers did not apply SEMP as only 25.33% of them had a score of 50% and above regarding the application of SEMP. The number of years spent in school and being a male significantly increased the likelihood of using SEMP. In contrast, the likelihood of use of SEMP significantly reduced with an increase in the number of production cycles carried out by a fish farmer. The fish farmers' constraints were grouped as poor technical knowledge and feed issues, financial uncertainties, and water supply problems. Government should deliver training packages and provide information on SEMP to catfish farmers through different media, including extension agents, radio and television messages, handbills and billboards. Supporting the farmers with credit facilities through existing credit programmes would help reduce their challenges in applying SEMP.


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Andegebe, C. N., Chiebonam, O. C., & David, A. C. (2021). Determinants of catfish farmers’ use of sustainable environmental management practices in Enugu State, Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Extension, 25(4).
Publication | 6 March 2022