Assessing the Use of Pseudo-panels to Estimate the Value of Statistical Life in Developing Countries 20-20

EfD Discussion Paper
23 June 2020

Felipe Vasquez Lavin, Luna Bratti, Sergio Orrego, Manuel Barrientos

In this paper, we estimate the Value of Statistical Life (VSL) for Chile, Colombia, and the United States using a hedonic wage model and a pseudo-panel approach. The VSL is a major component of costbenefit analysis of many policies including public health, transportation safety, and environmental regulation. Using pseudo-panels, also known as synthetic cohort data, to estimate the VSL is relevant for
low- and middle-income countries, because many do not have panel data but do have repeated crosssectional information. We conclude that the pseudo-panel approach is a suitable alternative to estimate the VSL when panel data is not available.

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Publication | 28 June 2020