César Salazar
EfD Chile senior researcher César Salazar

Researcher from EfD-Chile participated in two activities on circular economy

Two talks were given during October by Dr. César Salazar, where he shared his research among different audiences.


Apply circular economy; garbage bags are so expensive! was the name of the talk given on October 6 by Dr. César Salazar, at the University of Bío-Bío and researcher at NENRE EfD Chile.

The activity was part of the Open Science talk cycle organized by Explora and ANID and was carried out free of charge through YouTube and Facebook. It included interpretation from Chilean sign language, to reach a wide audience.


César Salazar talking about Circular Economy
César Salazar talking about Circular Economy


Important to reach all

Dr. Salazar commented that  "it is very gratifying to participate in these events in which we share information with a wide audience, children, teenagers, and families. This is very important because it is people who make the decisions regarding consumption and disposal and recycling of waste, particularly plastic."

Circular economy is a production and business model in which it is considered to reduce the impact of the entire life cycle of the product, that is, from the raw material to the final disposal of each of the waste generated in the process.


Watch the recording here! (in Spanish)


Provides business opportunities

The other activity was a seminar addressed to the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Tourism, and Services of Chillán-Ñuble. 

"In this case, the information was aimed at an audience with specific interests, which is very valuable since by learning more about the circular economy and examples of this, they value it much more, see its benefits, and increase their interest in adopting its principles", said César Salazar.

In this event, held on Zoom, he discussed with Alberto Pirola, director of Hoteleros de Chile, and Rául Troncoso, leader of Corporate Sustainability at Nestlé Chile.

"It was really valuable that we were able to talk directly with the producer-entrepreneur and we made it clear that the circular economy is not only a paradigm shift but a strategy, a business opportunity. Promoting these sustainable techniques in the long term means a higher return. In the circular economy, for example, waste is seen as raw material and is reinjected into the system. This also generates new business niches and  we were able to explain that in this workshop", concluded César Salazar.


By Monserrat Quezada

Journalist at NENRE EfD-Chile

News | 29 November 2021