Photo: Marianela Argüello L. EfD Central America

Research project on Payment for Ecosystem Services aims at fighting deforestation

Roger Madrigal, Director of EfD Central America, will coordinate a five-year research project on Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES). The purpose is to develop PES-models to tackle forest degradation and deforestation, particularly in the Global South.

"The project will use the longstanding Costa Rican experience on PES to support the design and implementation of similar mechanisms in the Global South", says Róger Madrigal. 

"The research project will include the analysis of the status of international forest trends, the analysis of causes of deforestation, and the potential of PES to incentivize using forests to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. 

Dr. Róger Madrigal
Dr. Róger Madrigal will coordinate a five-year research project on PES. Photo: EfD

The research project will be co-led by Dr. Jeon Chulhyun, Research Scientist at the Division of Global Forestry of the National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS), of the Republic of Korea. 

The research team will participate in international conferences to share the findings from the research studies. Support to countries in the Global South in developing policies to encourage the conservation of the forests, are also prioritized activities in the collaboration between EfD Central America and NIFoS. 

By Marianela Argüello L.


News | 7 July 2021