An image of the article as it appears in the newspaper
A scanned version of the article. Photo: Vicentia Quartey

Promoting sustainable fisheries – ENRRI-EfD Ghana research highlighted in national newspaper

Research by natural resource economist and EfD expert Prof. Wisdom Akpalu on the effects of illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing was highlighted in the Daily Graphic newspaper, a respected Ghanaian daily with national coverage.

The compelling two-page feature article headlined “Losing out to IUU fishing: cost Ghana bears” references data by Prof. Akpalu estimating the economic costs of IUU to Ghana, and reiterates his calls for more strenuous deterrent measures and a thorough enforcement of laws to help curb the practice.

“Ghana loses over $200 million annually due to IUU fishing, ‘until the law works, these problems will be there,’ “– the article states, quoting Prof Akpalu.

Published in the centre spread of the 21 June edition of the widely read newspaper, the article reminds policy makers, enforcement agencies and sector practitioners alike of the grave consequences of IUU and the pressing need for solutions, while highlighting the work of ENRRI, the EfD centre in Ghana.


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News | 29 June 2021