Environment for Development Unveils New Website

Environment for Development (EfD) is pleased to announce the release of its new website providing decision-makers, researchers and the general public easy access to the latest research findings on the application of environmental economics to sustainable development in the Global South.

Users are invited to visit www.efdinitiative.org. where they can find many new features to help them quickly and easily explore EfD’s wealth of research and information on the world’s most pressing environmental and economic issues. New features for improved functionality and easy access include:

  • Look Ahead Navigation reduces the number of user clicks to navigate the site.
  • Product Filters allow users to quickly narrow down the research publications portfolio.
  • Responsive Design allows the site to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.


‘’We are thrilled to launch our new EfD website” said Gunnar Köhlin, EfD Director. “We know that there is a serious lack of robust data and research for a green transition in the Global South. This new website gives us an opportunity to display all the excellent research and resulting impacts emanating from our EfD centers and collaborative programs that work to contribute to evidence-based policy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. We hope that academics, practitioners, policy makers and the general public will find this information useful in their work towards a sustainable future.’’

For more information on the EfD Initiative and to view the site, please visit www.efdinitiative.org



News | 4 June 2020