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EfD collaborative presents nine articles in the March issue of Marine Policy

The Blue Resources for Development presents some of its’ research results in a special section in the 2021 March issue of Marine Policy. The focus is on fisheries performance.

“Fisheries performance indicators, FPI, is a useful tool when evaluating fisheries and trying to identify important areas for improvement regarding fisheries management,” explains Håkan Eggert, EfD researcher at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

“Besides all the interaction between researchers at several EfD centers and various stakeholders within many fisheries, an important contribution from this work is to show that addressing open-access fisheries is still the most urgent issue for fisheries management in developing and transitional countries.”

Important to limit open-access fishing

The paper on fisheries performance in Africa is using FPI data from 35 different fisheries in 14 countries. Ebele Chinelo Amaechina and Nnaemeka Andegbe Chukwuone have contributed with two studies in Nigeria.

They underline that their study confirms the need to limit open access in African fisheries. They have learned more about Nigerian fisheries and interacted with various policymakers during the data collection process.

Exchange of experiences and ideas

“It has been valuable for us, who are relatively new partners in the EfD network, to have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and research ideas with colleagues from Ghana and Tanzania, says Ebele Chinelo Amaechina at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Jorge Marco Renau is a post-doc researcher at Universidad Los Andes, Bogota, and has worked with the FPI fisheries in Colombia. His work together with Professor Diego Valderrama, Georg Mason University, USA, and Mario Rueda, INVEMAR, resulted in two articles about the Queen conch fishery and the deep-sea shrimp trawl fishery.

“It was great to get in touch with INVEMAR, the Marine and Coastal Research Institute José Benito Vives de Andréis, that work with Colombian fisheries management, and to work with Mario Rueda who has great knowledge about the actual fisheries in Colombia, says Jorge Marco Renau.

For 6 of the 9 articles there are EfD discussion papers that can be downloaded, see links below.


News | 2 March 2021