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Researchers and Staff

  • International Research Associate

Blackman, Allen

Allen coordinates Resources for the Future's participation in EfD. His research has focused principally on tropical deforestation and industrial pollution in Latin America and Asia. A good deal of this work evaluates environmental management strategies that aim to overcome barriers to conventional regulation in developing countries.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Boyd, James

James Boyd is an economist dedicated to improved conservation and environmental protection. His research emphasizes the need to objectively track and evaluate environmental outcomes and trends. Ways to measure ecosystem services, including development of a Green GDP, national indicator systems, and ecological assessment endpoints are his current research focus.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Fischer, Carolyn

Carolyn Fischer's research focuses on policy mechanisms and modeling tools that cut across environmental issues, including environmental policy design and technological change, international trade and environmental policies, and resource economics.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Kroetz, Kailin

Kailin Kroetz’s research focuses on policy questions related to coupled natural-human systems in marine and terrestrial environments. Her areas of expertise include design and evaluation of fishery management policies, biodiversity conservation, and bioeconomic modeling.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Kuwayama, Yusuke

Yusuke Kuwayama’s research focuses on the economics of environmental regulation, with an emphasis on water resources and ecosystems. His work seeks to understand how the interaction between economic and natural systems affects the efficiency of policy instruments to regulate environmental externalities.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Linn, Joshua

Josh Linn’s research centers on the effect of environmental regulation and market incentives on technology, with particular focus on the electricity sector and markets for new vehicles. His work on the electricity sector has compared the effectiveness of cap and trade and alternative policy instruments in promoting new technology, including renewable electricity technologies.  

  • Research Fellow

Munnings, Clayton

Clayton Munnings is a Research Associate at Resources for the Future where he leads analysis on the domestic and international use of market based mechanisms to mitigate carbon emissions. His research focuses on ex-ante design evaluations and ex-post economic assessments of carbon prices, carbon offset protocols, and linkages between carbon markets.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Siikamäki, Juha

Juha Siikamäki's research focuses on evaluating the benefits, costs, and cost-effectiveness of different environmental policy options. His work concentrates on natural ecosystems, such as forests, agricultural landscapes, and coastal ecosystems, and empirically evaluating different options for their management and conservation.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Wang, Zhongmin

Zhongmin Wang’s research focuses primarily on energy-related economic issues. He has studied pricing, competition, regulatory, and environmental issues related to oil, gasoline, natural gas, and alternative transport fuels.

  • International Associate

Spindell Berck, Cyndi

Cyndi provides analytical and editorial services to EfD. She is the editor of the EfD Discussion Paper series together with Peter Berck. Cyndi Spindell Berck holds degrees in history, law, and public policy from the University of California. She has worked as a practicing attorney, instructor in law, consulting public policy analyst, editor, and writer. 

  • Associate Research fellow

Goff , Leonard

Leonard Goff is a PhD student in economics at Columbia University. From 2013 to 2015, he was a research assistant at Resources for the Future, where he worked on the economics of forest conservation in Mesoamerica. He holds a MA in economics and an MSc in physics from the University of British Columbia.

  • Domestic Associate

Smith , Martin

Smith studies the economics of the oceans, including fisheries, marine ecosystems, seafood markets, and coastal climate adaptation. He has written on a range of policy-relevant topics, including economics of marine reserves, seasonal closures in fisheries, ecosystem-based management, catch shares, nutrient pollution, aquaculture, genetically modified foods, the global seafood trade, organic agriculture, coastal property markets, and coastal responses to climate change.

  • Senior Researcher

Morgenstern, Richard D.

Richard Morgenstern's research focuses on the economic analysis of environmental issues with an emphasis on the costs, benefits, evaluation, and design of environmental policies, especially economic incentive measures. His analysis also focuses on climate change, including the design of cost-effective policies to reduce emissions in the United States and abroad.