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The research project COMMONS - Human Cooperation to Manage Natural Resources - is based on collaboration between the Environmental Economics Unit (EEU) at the Department of Economics in Gothenburg and two internationally leading research partners, Indiana University (IU) and Resources for the Future (RFF) Washington D.C. It is led by Professor Thomas Sterner amongst others.

The Environmental Economics Unit has received a large research grant from Formas together with Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom's research group at Indiana University, and Resources for the Future in Washington. The grant is five million Swedish crowns annually for three years with possible extension up to five years.

The research programme is divided into four interdisciplinary research themes: 1) Individual behaviour, cooperation and trust; 2) Quality of Life for People and Animals; 3) Fairness and Distributional Issues in policy making, and 4) Governance, Policies and Sustainable Management.

Through this program EEU will increase its strength further by intensifying its collaboration with Indiana University and the research fellows at Resources for the Future. In order to facilitate interaction within each team and between teams there will be thematic workshops and an annual meeting.

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