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  • Junior Research Fellow

Kulindwa, Yusuph J.

Yusuph John Kulindwa is a lecturer of economics at the Department of Economics and statistics, Moshi Cooperative University.

  • Junior Research Fellow

Tibanywana, Julieth

She is a junior research fellow at EfD Tanzania and assistant lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam.

  • Research Associate

Godlonton, Susan

Susan Godlonton is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Williams College and a non-resident research affiliate of the Markets, Trade and Institutions division at the International Food Policy Re

  • Research Fellow

Ruhinduka, Remidius

Remidius Denis Ruhinduka is a EfD research fellow and a lecturer at the department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam. His research work focuses on various aspects of development economics with special focus on the adoption and impact of Environmental friendly technology in developing countries.  With special interest on behavioral and experimental economics,

  • Research Fellow

Chegere, Martin J.

Martin J.Chegere is a Research Fellow at EfD Tanzania and Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam. His research interest includes agricultural economics, development economics, environmental and natural resources economics and behavioral economics.

  • Research Fellow

Kirama, Stephen

Stephen Kirama [Cert (Philososphy); B.A (hons); M.A; and PhD in Economics] is a Research Fellow at EfD Tanzania and Lecturer at the Department of Economi

  • Research Associate

Purdon, Mark

Mark Purdon is an expert in the emerging field of comparative environmental politics, which combines elements of comparative politics, public policy and international relations.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Hepelwa, Aloyce

Aloyce Hepelwa is working with the the University of Dar es Salaam as Senior lecturer and is EfD Research Fellow.

  • Post Doc

Banga, Margaret

Banga is a Lecturer at the Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics, Makerere University. She holds a PhD (Economics) from the University of Dar-es-salaam obtained in 2008.

  • Research Associate

Kidane, Asmerom

Asmerom Kidane is a Professor of Economics and Statistics in the Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam.

  • Accountant

Mutanaga, Amosi

Amosi Mutanaga is an accountant in the University of Dar es Salaam. He is serving the Department of Economics and work as a part time with the EfDT.

  • Junior Research Fellow

Ngasamiaku, Wilhelm

Dr. Wilhelm M. Ngasamiaku is a lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam, Department of Economics and a Research Fellow (Environment for Development Initiative Center-Tanzania. His PhD specialization in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, public sector economics and Valuation of Non Market Goods and Services mathematics for economists.

  • Research Associate

Di Falco, Salvatore

Salvatore Di Falco is Professor in Environmental Economics, Economics Department at the University of Geneva and Research Associate at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and th

  • Junior Research Fellow

Selejio, Onesmo

Onesmo Selejio is a Lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam. He has taught Microeconomics, Agricultural Economics and Environmental Economics for undergraduates.

  • Project Administrator

Macha, Salvatory

Salvatory Macha is a project Administrator of Environment for Development Tanzania (EfD Tanzania), Department of Economics University of Dar es Salaam.

  • Research Associate

Robinson, Elizabeth J Z

Elizabeth Robinson is Professor of Environmental Economics at the School of Agriculture, Policy, and Development, University of Reading, UK; and holds a non-resident associate position in Environm

  • Research Associate

Stage, Jesper

Jesper Stage was Research Officer for the EfD initiative from January 2007 until July 2008.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Eggert, Håkan

Håkan Eggert is Associate professor at the Department of Economics and Chairman of the undergraduate environmental social science program and of the masters program in environmental management and

  • Senior Research Fellow

Mduma, John

John K. Mduma is a Senior Research Fellow at EfD Tanzania and a lecturer of economics at the University of Dar es Salaam.

  • Center Director and Senior Research Fellow

Lokina, Razack

Razack Lokina is an associate professor of Economics, Center Director and Senior Research Fellow at EfD Tanzania.

  • EfD Director and Senior Research Fellow

Köhlin, Gunnar

Gunnar Köhlin is an associate professor at the Environmental Economics Unit, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg. As co-founder of the EEU he has now spent 20 years working with applications of environmental economics in developing countries. He is currently director of the Environment for Development initiative.

4th Annual General Meeting & Conference of the Association of Research Administrators in Africa (ARAA)

The Association of Research Administrators in Africa (ARAA), in partnership with Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), will host the 4th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Association of Research Administrators in Africa (ARAA). The Theme for this year is "Strengthening Regional linkages for Effective Research Administration”. Registration is now open until 15th October, 2013

Forest Tenure Impact Evaluation Workshop

The Environment for Development initiative arranged a Forest Tenure Impact Evaluation Workshop in connection to the World Bank’s annual conference on land and poverty in Washington D.C. on April 18-20, 2011. Recent developments in forest management institutions in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania were reviewed during this workshop, and a potential impact evaluation program for forest tenure reform in East Africa was discussed. The workshop was held on Thursday April 21, 2011 and was open for all conference participants.


EfD Annual Meeting 2017: Information for participants

This year the EfD annual meeting  will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from:  October 27-30, 2017. It is hosted by the Environment and Climate Research Center (EfD - Ethiopia) and the EfD Secretariat. The EfD annual meeting is a forum to bring together researchers from all EfD centers and their collaborators. EfD would also like to attract key stakeholders for exchange of research ideas. Updates for participants will be displayed here.


Airtight bags for maize reduce food waste

Food insecurity and malnutrition is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today.  By introducing airtight bags and train small-scale farmers in better grain handling practices, food waste related to storage can be reduced in Tanzania.  


Fellowship for Environmental Studies at Duke Kunshan

Duke Kunshan University is now accepting applications for the new international Master of Environmental Policy (iMEP) Program. The iMEP program is a two-year degree offered jointly by Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy and Nicholas School of the Environment.  Students will study core courses in both environmental management and public policy at Duke Kunshan University (China) and Duke University (United States).  We would really appreciate it if you could share this information with people who might be interested. 


Book explores Tanzania’s path out of poverty

In spite of much development progress in Tanzania, the people of this East African country still continue to struggle with many core threats to their prosperity: poverty, disease, aid dependency, the dearth of infrastructure, and corruption. 


Research and policy interaction workshop in Tanzania

A workshop for researchers and decision makers organized by the Environment for Development Initiative in Tanzania (EfDT) on 29th February, 2016 was of great interest and success. The aim of the workshop was to provide a platform for interaction with stakeholders by  opening up discussions on research and policy issues in Tanzania.


Aloyce Hepelwa from EfD Tanzania will participate 5th Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF) in Kigali

Dr. Aloyce Hepelwa EfDTanzania research fellow will participate to the 5th Nile Basin Development Forum (NBDF) that will take place in Kigali, Rwanda from 23 to 25th October, 2017 at Kigali Marriott Hotel. The Forum is organized by Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) in collaboration with the Government of Rwanda and in partnership with Development Partners (BMZ/GIZ, BMU/GIZ and World Bank).


Prospects and Challenges for Harnessing Demographic Dividend in Tanzania: A Window of Opportunity

EfD Tanzania researchers, Dr. John Mduma and Dr. Wilhelm Ngasamiaku, in collaboration with researchers from University of Dar es Salaam and African Institute for Development Policy carried a study on Prospects and Challenges of Harnessing Demographic Dividend in Tanzania. The study was commissioned and funded under the USAID project titled Evidence to Action for Strengthening Reproductive Health through Pathfinder International Tanzania.


Request for concept notes to develop collaborative multi-site research projects

SETI ( invites concept notes to seed collaborative research related to energy transitions. We particularly welcome proposals for work related to the SETI priority themes, including: Consequences of energy poverty, defined as a lack of reliable access to electricity and other modern fuels Drivers of the energy transition in low- and middle-income contexts, including lessons from past experiences Impacts of energy transitions at various scales (households, firms, and the regional and global environment) Policy levers and solutions to speed the energy transition; and analysis of their effectiveness Notable gaps in research on energy transitions