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This blog publishes stories and ideas from the members of the Environment for Development initiative.


    Transportation Policy Takes Front Seat in Combating Urban Air Pollution

    Many of us have experienced the frustration of idling in long lines of traffic, inching forward at what seems like an interminable rate. Unfortunately, traffic congestion like this is a daily occurrence in many of the world’s fastest growing cities, such as Mexico City, Bangkok, Istanbul, and Rio de Janeiro.


      Do households use improved cook stoves? What are the benefits? An Ethiopian case study

      About 40% of the human population, or about 2.8 billion people, find commercial fuels like electricity and gas inaccessible, too expensive or too irregularly supplied to use for cooking and heating (Smith et al., 2013; IEA, 2012). Instead, they rely on solid fuels like coal, fuelwood, dung and charcoal that are combusted inside their homes.